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[icon] The Minister Of Justice' Outbox
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Current Music:Tool -10000 Days
Time:06:51 pm
Well I'll be jivered! The last week or so has been absolutely awesome. Starting with Friday I finished work at 4:00 having romped my warranty target and clearing my sales target for the month meaning the big Dick owes me $500+ in commissions for April and also a further $500+ commission from March which he tried to get out of paying me. Meaning the pay within the next two weeks will have my standard wage plus $1000+ in commission which after the taxman gets to it will be more like $600+, fuck you Mrs Howard, which isn't too bad as I can get most back at tax time!
Saturday I installed some new front speakers, it took us from 10:00am to 6:00pm to get to the final product, which is amazing sound in the front end. Just need to replace the amp I have with a 4 channel and I will have the rear speakers up and running also giving me a total of 6 speakers so far >:)...
Saturday night just got better as some would know as the night that KoRn once again graced our foreign shores and knocked those in attendance for 6 again... Drew I had no idea you were going, damn... I was in seating but it was still a damn awesome experience regardless. 4 extra members including; replacement guitarist, keyboardist/sampler, additional drummer witha bootload of huge toms and an additional singer who also had some massive tribal drums, gongs, chimes and whatnot. Even without the additional 4 the guys put on an awesome show and they are tight as, the parody was awesome excellent changes between sections of songs you had to be there to get the full idea of what I'm trying to explain. The best part about it though was that their usual setlist was totally disregarded, songs which they hardly ever play live were played, the opened with Its On to put it into perspective for those who know. NUTS NUTS NUTS SHOW! Also the sound of 30odd huge arse stobes all firing at once is crazy.
Today was pretty average except for getting the new TOOL cd! Its fucken nuts. Typical Tool styles with the mixed goodness of all new songs. Epic tracks are a standard feature again and the artwork is something special in itself, 3D pictures which you look at through special lenses built into the cover set the standard of artwork apart from all the rest, so much detail in the pictures too.
Well thats all for now.
Adios amigos, see you all at parmas.
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Current Music:Lacuna Coil - Karmacode
Subject:New Wheel!
Time:02:15 pm
Well today is Wednesday and that means pay day, which also means I spend alot of money and have none left! Hooray! But all for a good cause as I finally got a new steering wheel!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Looks a heap better than the older on and feels awesome to drive with. Just went for a drive then and it started to piss down real hard, visibility was fucked, 40meters if that. Accidently fishtailed out of an intersection, fun but totally unexpected, must get some new wheels and better tyres before winter kicks in...
Parmas soon! Woooooo, see you all there.
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Current Music:Lacuna Coil - Closer
Subject:Lacuna Coil...
Time:07:20 pm
Current Mood:determineddetermined
Finally the day has come and attached to my ears right now is a set of headphones and out of them pumps the glory that is Lacuna Coils new album Karmacode! Fucking awesome, all your typical LC material but played in a much more agressive manner, who loves down tuning? I know I do! Feildy style bass in some songs too, fucken ey, but dont be put off by that all you KoRn haters have a listen and I think you will all enjoy thoroughly.
In other news I have no money... But I do have insurance with Just Car... That means I will not have alot of money for a long time as I have opened the doors to unlimeted modifications! Well I'll be jivered! Wednesday will see the introduction of a brand spankin new SAAS sports wheel added and the crappy granma wheel tossed aside for all eternity, can't wait. Some new locks will be added provided I have the funds this pay otherwise they will come next pay along with a fresh new set of front speakers and a new 4-channel amp. I also learned today that having a car lowered cost significantly less than I expected so that will be dont after the speakers. New kit and exhaust is planned in the not so distant future, cant wait till its finally complete, thats if I ever consider it complete. Time will tell.
Adios all.
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Subject:Can't wait to see this one!
Time:05:15 pm
Little sceptical of the cast but should be good for a laugh none the less...
Image hosting by Photobucket
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Current Music:Mushroomhead
Time:04:59 pm
It would appear that many people right now need a great big box of e-tissues...
Pull your finger out of your butt and do something about it or get over it people...Also Matts partay soon! Woooo, time to get hammered and I dont mean the M.C variety.
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Subject:Awwww look at the FAGS!
Time:11:44 am
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
Eat shit motherfucker!
Image hosting by Photobucket
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Current Music:Tool
Time:11:05 pm
Current Mood:drunkSlightly tipsy
Well apparently everyone did a OMG how fully sick was 2005 because of.... reasons, etc etc.. In the process of however, totally forgotten was the event which brought all seedyvilians together at some stage or another, an event that happened every single Wednesday of 2005, yes thats right people, our beloved PARMA NIGHT! So my greatest moment of 2005 was every wednesday night with my best mates and loved ones at the Tudor in eating the greatest parma in the world for only $5...
Goodbye 2005, hello 2006.
In 2006 I predict:
Great poker
More parmas
More love
More Ey Fellas
More music
More guitar
More great touring bands
More work
More driving
More car
Less bitching
Less sleep
More cash
More of the things that make us all happy
Less fucking around
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Current Music:KoRn - Throw Me Away
Subject:Last week on Minister of Justice' livejournal...
Time:12:43 pm
Well last time I posted I had just passed my hazzard perception test, hooray! However this time I have been for my practical test and I passed! Not only passed but received a score of %100, not one fuck-up made! Already driven by myself a couple of times and its such a wierd experience. So now we have one more Seedyvillian with a license, fuck yeah!
Also in other news I got my new guitar!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
See! See!
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Current Music:Limp Bizkit - Rollin
Subject:One step closer...
Time:10:51 am
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
Well just had my "hazzard perception" test and I passed! I must express though the stupidity of the test and that a computer game should never be an indication of ones ability to drive. I got %67, %11 more than required, hey not fantstic but obivously not shit either. My official drivers test is next Wednesday, fuck yeah! Hopefully I get it otherwise it will be a big waste of tie and money, $155 to be exact as that is what it cost to hire a fucking car for the test! WTF! I would take my own but I have been advised not to do so... Should book another lesson in so I can do some parking I suppose as I've only had the one lesson with that and since then have only done 90 degree parking which isnt on the test anyway... But soon both me and Ian will have our P's and will be hooning it up! Hell yeah!
In other news I have a new guitar on layby and I should be able to get it this Satdy provided that I get my commmisions through this week. Its an Ibanez semi hollow, AS83VLS, and it looks pretty damn spick.
Not alot else has changed I have a cold and two fucked feet, washed the car, had speaker shelves fianlly put in, ummm, the fish bowl needs its water changed but thats not my job, and according to VB "Talking Boony lives!"

Oh yeah has anyone heard of those riots? AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE! OI, OI, OI!
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Current Music:Staind - Dunno the name of the song, too lazy to find out.
Subject:Well I'll be jivered, It's a Ho-Down!
Time:12:21 pm
Well at the moment I'm kinda stuck to the confines of my house but it's all for a good cause as I am having central locking and an immoboliser fitted in my car. However the cost is not fantastic, at $520 it had better be worth it. Once it's done though its another thing I can cross off my mental list of things to buy.
Called WOM just before to organise getting this guitar ordered in however Brett, the sales guy who I spoke with about this particular guitar, has gone on holidays for the next 2 weeks! So I'm going to have to go in on Monday and speak to one of the other guys who I also usually deal with and see if he can organise the same deal for me and order my newly planned addition to my family in.
In other news I stumbled across the new John-5 album while I was browsing through JB the other week and needless to say I bought it without thinking and once again he has created a hugely kick fuck album, more ho-down, more industrial, more blues, more JOHN-FREAKING-5! Also purchased was A Perfect Circles "Thirteenth Step," there is not one song on that album that I didn't like upon the first listen, heaps of mellow songs, one that has a Pink Floyd sound to it and one that sounds like it would be a cover of a Beatles song however I have been informed it is not indeed a cover of a Beatles song.
Parmas tonight, and boy am I looking forward to it!
In other thoughts does anyone know how to have a background picture on your LJ page??? HAAAAAA I figured it out myself!
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[icon] The Minister Of Justice' Outbox
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